Roger Hansrote

Roger Hansrote, RA

Managing Principal Architect

MArch, University of Florida

Project Experience

Trump Tower Residence
Juno Beach Residences
Moda Hair Salon
4750 Ocean Boulevard Condominium
2000 South Ocean Boulevard Condominium
Schneider Residence
Collins Residence
Slope Trail Residence
Enclave Condominiums
Midland Medical
Project Controls Group
Lipson Residence
City Place Pharmacies

Roger, previously a colleague of Jim Lucas and Rich Leja, has been a staple in the Palm Beach architectural arena. He has held the position of principal architect for several firms and serves as the architect of record for all of the firm’s projects since 2008. Roger’s ability to serve his Client’s in both a design and technical role make him an incredible asset to ACI Architectural Consultants, Inc.. He is known for his ability to connect with clients and translate their ideas successfully.


Roger Hangrote is one of the firm’s two registered architects and is responsible for signing and sealing all of the drawings. His studies and Master’s degree from the University of Florida, along with his years of experience in the area have translated into a wealth of projects within the Palm Beach area.

He specializes in high end residential construction from project conception through completion and is well versed in zoning and planning. His architectural skills include construction management and building renovations. Roger’s depth of experience and well known presence in Palm Beach has helped the firm maintain and grow relationships with numerous clients.