Jim Lucas

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jim Lucas began his career with The Lawrence Group, a
landmark Palm Beach architectural firm, under the direction
of prominent Palm Beach Architect Eugene Lawrence. While at
The Lawrence Group, he worked with the state of Florida’s
foremost zoning and land use attorneys on complex zoning
throughout Florida. Mr. Lucas formed ACI, Architectural
Consultants Inc. to continue the vision Mr. Lawrence started.

 BENSONJ. Tyler Benson

Vice President

Tyler Benson has a unique educational background from the
University of Florida, consisting of degrees in Psychology and
Architecture, which has provided him with a powerful,
yet highly adaptive skill set.



LejaRichard Leja

Senior Project Manager and Construction Manager

Richard Leja, has been providing quality architectural services for over
40 years. For over 31 years he worked for The Lawrence Group (TLG).
Mr. Leja brings significant practical experience in both private and
public practice, including hotels, restaurants, casinos, multi-family
oceanfront high-rise buildings, high end retail, airport/transportation
facilities, office buildings, landmark historic restorations, financial
institutions, public and private schools, colleges and high end single
family residences. Mr. Leja has well over 300 projects under his personal
direction, many of which having construction budgets in the tens of millions. Being on time and on
budget are hallmarks of his prominent career.